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Bridging Coffee came as an idea after a decade in the coffee industry of watching costs of production surge and coffee prices failing to reflect it. The inequities of our industry are something that continue to stunt its growth and development.  After many hours spent reading about the economics of coffee, various trade certs, and even speaking at a conference about it - I had failed to see a plausible macro solution. Realizing that policy isn't likely to change and that consumers are often far too detached, despite tech and global social progress, I looked at what has worked. Individual professionals and small businesses have worked hard at building long term partnerships with producers and paying more for coffee. These are the folks that want to make coffee better and give back.

The model of bridging coffee is a way to gain coffee knowledge and help share it.



To provide an opportunity for students and businesses to increase their coffee knowledge while giving back and making that knowledge more accessible for others.

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Seeking to help bridge the gap of information and knowledge between industry professionals throughout the supply chain. Supporting a more common and equitable understanding of the market to all stakeholders. 



Proceeds from every course purchased by industry professionals downstream helps fund a course for industry professionals upstream.

About Bryce

Born and raised in the greater Seattle area.  Began in coffee roasting and then moved both downstream and upstream throughout the last 13 years.

Q Processing Level 1 & 2 Instructor.

CQI Coffee Corps Volunteer for projects in Myanmar and the Philippines.


Q Processing Level 3: Expert 

I have worked, consulted and/or taught in: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Rwanda, Thailand, Uganda & Vietnam.

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For more information on how bridging coffee is helping industry professionals support their upstream counterparts:

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